Purrly Cat Earrings


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The gorgeous Purrly Cat studs are a classic.  Our timeless cat pearl earrings should be a part of every cat lady’s collection. A fully round and lustrous AAA freshwater pearl* is mounted carefully to their cat ears made from sterling silver.  Pearls available in violet purple, deep ocean blue, or classic white.

*We have high luster pearls and their color overtones may vary slightly from the photos shown.  The most subtle imperfections on the surface is typical and unique from pearl to pearl.

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stud earrings


10mm x 8mm


sterling silver, round AAA freshwater pearl




Pearls should be cleaned very carefully to protect their outer coating (nacre).   Be sure to check if your jewelry cleaning products are safe to use with pearls.  We recommend avoiding their exposure to oils, lotions, detergents, soaps, and hairspray that may cause damage to the pearls.  To clean, use a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the pearl.  You may dampen the cloth with lukewarm water.  Last, dry your pearls by dabbing it with a soft piece of white cotton, then let the remaining moisture dry naturally.


violet (purple), ocean (blue), classic (white)


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