Kitty Paradise Boutique is honored to donate 50% of net profits to no-kill cat shelters across the United States.  We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to provide homeless cats with quality care and a chance for a new life.

To Be Determined…

Please be patient while we determine the next cat shelter to receive donations.  Due to COVID-19 and many closures, we will postpone this decision.

Important Information:
  • Kitty Paradise Boutique donates to no-kill cat shelters located in the United States.  The term “cat shelter” includes but is not limited to:  cat rescues, cat rehabilitation, and TNR organizations
  • Currently we select a total of four shelters per calendar year (one per quarter)
  • Please limit your submission to one nomination per quarter
  • Donation totals are calculated at the close of each quarter and deposited online or by check to the selected shelter within 30 days

Nomination Form

(The name of the company or organization you are nominating for donations.)
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